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Er.. the phrase I was looking for was I’m drooling…

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The only thing I want in Avengers 2 is Cap picking up Thor’s hammer, totally unaware it should be impossible.

Actually in Marvel lore it is implicitly stated That Steve is one of only a few people on earth actually worthy of carrying Thor’s hammer

To hell with Steve, I want Natasha to pick it up and realise, even with all the red in her ledger, she is still just as worthy as Thor or Steve. 

Sterek Club AU - In which they both spot each other around the club all night but they just can’t seem to work up the courage to approach the other. That is, until Derek sees Stiles dancing with someone else and he finally gets the nerve to introduce himself, much to Stiles’ delight. “Finally,” Stiles says, placing his hand on Derek’s chest. “Thought we’d never get here.” Derek glances down at the hand on his chest for a moment before meeting Stiles’ heated gaze with a faint blush on his cheeks. They stare at each other for a minute longer before Derek grabs the hand from his chest, laces his fingers with Stiles’, and pulls the other man out onto the dance floor.

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